Parvalux Wheelchair Motors: Reliable and Customisable Solutions


  • DNH offers reliable and customizable electric wheelchair motors for all users.
  • Motor controllers are essential for smooth movement and Parvalux provides joystick and switch options.
  • Proper maintenance, including cleaning and battery monitoring, is crucial for wheelchair motor longevity.

As we age, mobility can become challenging, and many people rely on wheelchairs to maintain their independence. Electric wheelchairs have become increasingly popular due to their ease of use and advanced mobility features. A vital component of an electric wheelchair is the motor, which is responsible for powering the wheelchair’s movement.

Our partner Parvalux is a reputable manufacturer of electric wheelchair motors, providing a wide range of solutions for manual and power wheelchairs. Parvalux’s motor systems are designed to deliver smooth and dependable power for optimal manoeuvrability and independence.

Wheelchair motor controllers are another crucial component of an electric wheelchair. Parvalux provides several controller options, including joystick and switches control systems, to ensure smooth and precise movement for a comfortable and safe riding experience.

To keep your wheelchair motor in good condition, proper maintenance is essential. Parvalux recommends regular cleaning of the motor to prevent debris and dust buildup. Moreover, it’s critical to monitor the battery and charging system to ensure that the motor is receiving the appropriate power supply.

If you need a replacement motor, we offer various options for manual and electric wheelchair propulsion systems. Parvalux’s skilled engineers are also available to design and manufacture customised wheelchair motor solutions to meet specific requirements.

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Parvalux’s Range of Electric Wheelchair Motors

Parvalux offers several electric wheelchair motor options to cater to the needs of all users. For lightweight wheelchairs, the company offers compact and efficient motors that provide an extended range and are easy to manoeuvre. For larger power wheelchairs that require more torque and power, heavy-duty motors are available. Additionally, for those who require mobility on uneven terrain, off-road wheelchair motors are also an option.

  • GB12 Range – Worm wheel
  • GB9 Range – Worm Wheel
  • PBL86 Range – Motor
  • PGS90 19:1 – Planetary Gear

In conclusion, Parvalux is a reliable provider of electric wheelchair motors, motor controllers, and propulsion systems. Whether you need a lightweight motor for easy manoeuvrability or a heavy-duty motor for rugged terrain, Parvalux has a solution to meet your needs. Proper motor maintenance is crucial to ensuring its longevity, and Parvalux’s expert team is available to provide replacement motors and customized solutions.

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