Discover the Flexibility of Parvalux’s Modular Range

In the fast-paced world of industrial applications, having the ability to quickly configure and customize solutions is a game-changer. Parvalux’s Modular Range offers just that, enabling you to build your own geared motor solutions with ease and precision. Whether you need brushed or brushless motors, a variety of gear ratios, or specific accessories like encoders, brakes, and shaft extension kits, Parvalux provides a seamless way to tailor your motor setup to your exact needs. Here’s a closer look at what the Parvalux Modular Range has to offer.



  • Customizable Solutions: Build tailored geared motor setups with a variety of motors, gear ratios, and accessories.
  • Quick Turnaround: Rapid configuration, assembly, and delivery, ideal for small projects and pilot runs.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for building automation, materials handling, and mobility solutions.

Instantly Configurable

Combine different styles of motor, gearbox and accessories that, using the Parvalux online configurator, join together to give you a solution that just fits your application perfectly. Use this equally user-friendly tool to:

1.Choose Your Motor:

Between a DC brushed and a DC brushless motor available in varied voltages and speeds.

2. Select Gearbox Ratios:

Various gear ratios can be selected in order to optimize the desired output speed and torque of your motor.

3. Accessories:

Add encoders for precise control, brakes for added safety, and shaft extension kits for greater flexibility.

Fast to Construct

Parvalux motors and gearboxes are designed with user-friendly, modular components to make working solutions easily and quickly assembled after configuration. Namely, this does not make maintenance easier only for current products but also for future upgrades of the products.

Quick to Deliver

Parvalux Modular Range—rapidly available can therefore be ordered short-quantity piece numbers up to 10, suitable for small projects and pilot productions.

Parvalux Modular Range Components


Parvalux gearboxes use a highly flexible range of gear ratios and, as a standard, contain a hollow shaft component intended for mounting to many offering arrangements, developed mainly around modular motors. The gearboxes are designed to leverage motor performance in setting speed and torque for customer-specific needs.


Whether you need good high-speed, low-torque performance or low-speed, high-torque performance, Parvalux can give you a modular motor choice to bolt into place. Options are offered for brushed and brushless motors, which give you a choice between nutritious power and light efficiency.

Controllers Designed with Maxon, these Parvalux controllers provide good performance and high reliability for your PMDC and BLDC motor solutions.

Shafts and Encoders

Parvalux also has doorstep-supplied extension packages that come in a quick-fit version. In addition, when using your setup, one can include incremental encoders, allowing more control over the power supply to make infinitesimally minor adjustments in performance.


Safety and reliability are crucial, and Parvalux’s 1.5 Nm brakes are designed to assure complete joining to modular motors. Mainly applied in an application for the hold load.

Applications and Recommended Combinations

It’s a versatile range, the Parvalux Modular Range, capable of numerous applications.

From security gates to HVAC equipment, there can be multiple building automation applications to which this modular range has interfacing capabilities. For opening-closing and automation-related access control of the door, the proposed best configuration is the BRx70-GB12 and BRx90-GB12.

Whatever the popular combination, the modular range in the logistics sector excels with conveyor systems, sorting machines, and automatic storage and retrieval systems. In this case, Parvalux comes in with the ground-breaking offer on motor solutions for mobility products that rock electric wheelchairs and scooters. Try BRx70-GB12 and PBL86-GB12 for effective working combinations on stairlifts and patient hoists.

Parvalux’s Modular Range gives the flexibility to be configurable and provide a rapid response. In terms of accommodating new applications or fine-tuning the working of your existing mechanisms, the ability to turn solutions around quickly regarding the build and design of your motor solutions can lend you a considerable competitive upper hand.

Q1: What are the specific industries that can benefit most from the Parvalux Modular Range?

The Parvalux Modular Range is highly versatile and can be utilized in numerous industries. Specifically, automation systems can benefit from the precision and reliability offered by these motors. Medical devices requiring consistent performance also find great value in the modular range. Robotics applications benefit from the high torque and flexible control, while industrial equipment gains efficiency and adaptability in manufacturing environments.

Q2: How does the modular design of Parvalux products enhance the user experience?

The modular design of Parvalux products significantly enhances the user experience by allowing customers to tailor their solutions specifically to their needs. The ability to configure and build a motor-gearbox combination online ensures that customers receive precisely what they require, reducing the time and effort needed for custom solutions. This design also simplifies the assembly process and speeds up delivery times, making it a highly efficient choice for various applications.

Q3: Can you elaborate on the customization options available with the Parvalux Modular Range?

The Parvalux Modular Range offers extensive customization options to suit various performance requirements. Customers can choose between brushed and brushless DC motors with different voltage and speed options. Gearboxes can be integrated to adjust the output speed and torque as needed. Additionally, accessories such as encoders for power control, brakes for added safety, controllers for optimal motor management, and shaft extensions for specific application needs can all be added to create a comprehensive and tailored solution.

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